Real-Time Co-Optimization, which remains under development at ERCOT, should lower electricity costs once operational.


Real-Time Co-Optimization Fact Sheet

ERCOT stakeholders and staff have re-initiated work on a wholesale power market redesign they refer to as “Real-Time Co-optimization” (PUC Project No. 48540). The intent of Real-Time Co-Optimization, or “RTC” as it is sometimes called, is to provide a more efficient way to procure energy and capacity.  But implementation will cost tens of millions of dollars, and the completion date remains years away.

To help explain the RTC overhaul — including its implementation timing and costs — we present a new one-page Fact Sheet. When fully implemented, Real-Time Co-Optimization should save consumers money. However, the overhaul is complicated. Find out more by reading the Fact Sheet, found here.

— R.A. Dyer