Houston company hopes to store renewable energy in salt domes

Sept. 15 —  It’s compressed air that, when released, will turn a turbine to generate electricity in a pinch. It’s being called a mechanical battery, and if the company can wrap up Series A fundraising with enough capital, it could be operating by late 2023 and the first of its kind in Texas.

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Reuters: Freeport’s Texas LNG export plant still offline after Storm Nicholas

Sept. 15 — U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) company Freeport LNG said on Wednesday that it was still not producing LNG at its export plant in Texas due to a power outage during Tropical Storm Nicholas.

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S&P Global Platts: Texas rules spurred by February freeze would designate critical gas infrastructure

Sept. 14 — Some power and gas infrastructure malfunctioned, couldn’t operate at full capacity or were not ready to meet demand during the coldest weather to hit Texas in decades. For power generators, the state Public Utility Commission is considering rules that would address their responsibilities for winterizing equipment to prevent future emergencies.

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Community Impact: Richardson residents, businesses could see gas rates go up in December

Sept. 13 — The recommended change is the result of a rate review process overseen by the Atmos Cities Steering Committee, of which Richardson is a founding member.

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Utility Dive: DOE study calls for ramping up solar installation to 60 GW per year by 2025, but getting there could prove challenging, analyst says

Sept. 9 — Drumming up demand for solar won’t be the primary challenge that stands in the way of the solar installation goals outlined in Wednesday’s report, according to Davis.


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