WFAA: Why Atmos says they’re getting more natural gas odor calls in North Texas this week

April 15 — Atmos officials said they believe an uptick in odor reports Thursday night was due to too much mercaptan in the natural gas supply.

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KTSM: Texas is the 10th least green state in the nation, study says

April 13 — April 22 is Earth Day and in anticipation of the holiday, WalletHub has released a new study ranking the states based on eco-friendliness. According to the study, as well as dealing with a global pandemic, the nation had one of the most expensive years on record for natural disasters, spending about $343 billion.

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WFAA: What’s one way to fight climate change? Really big batteries – and lots of them

April 14 — If we’re going to run appliances, cars and just about everything on renewable energy, the U.S. needs to develop massive batteries to store power from wind and solar.

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Reuters: Texas power plant seeks Ch. 11 after 2021 storm leads to lawsuits

April 12 — Another Texas power company has filed for bankruptcy protection in the wake of last year’s historic winter storm that knocked out power for millions and caused energy prices to skyrocket.

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The Texan: Texas Oil and Gas Companies Adopt Environmental Policies as State Combats Fossil Fuel Divestment Practices

April 12 — Some Texas oil and gas producers have leaned into calls for Environmental, Social, and Governance policies, adopting them into their day-to-day operations and decision making.

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EnergyWire: Texas Railroad Commission: A barrier to Biden’s energy plan?

April 11 — Texas produces about 40 percent of the country’s crude oil and about a fourth of its natural gas. That means long-term energy reforms — including those pushed by the federal government — are likely to hinge on the commission, the unique elected body that governs the state’s drilling and pipeline industries. The commission has been in the middle of debates about fracking, methane pollution, water contamination and the long-term future of the conventional energy industry. And it will play a central role in the administration’s plans to cut greenhouse gases and fix abandoned oil and gas wells.

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CBS DFW: Cryptocurrency miners need approval from ERCOT to plug into Texas grid

April 8 — Ever since China began cracking down on Bitcoin mining, miners have been rushing to Texas to take advantage of the state’s cheap power prices, tax incentives, as well as the ability to connect to the grid quickly.


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