5 p.m., Aug. 28, 2017

The ERCOT grid continues to be in stable condition following Hurricane Harvey. However, several transmission lines remain out of service, especially near Corpus Christi and Victoria where Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

Two major 345-kV transmission lines serving the Gulf Coast area are still out of service, along with many other high-voltage transmission lines. As of mid-day today, a little more than 6,700 MW of generation capacity, including a very small percentage of renewables, was off-line for reasons related to the storm.

Electricity demand in the days since landfall has been about 20,000 megawatts (MW) below typical August electricity use, peaking at less than 44,000 MW, due to a combination of structural damage along the coast and cooler temperatures in much of the region.

ERCOT operations will continue to focus on overall grid reliability during the restoration process, while transmission and distribution providers make repairs to power lines and electrical equipment. Additional engineers have been on site around the clock throughout the hurricane and tropical storm to support these operations and stay in constant communication with transmission and generation suppliers.

System restoration times will vary depending on the extent of damage and location of the outage, as well as weather conditions in the coming days.

To help prevent a power surge when power is restored, ERCOT recommends unplugging anything that requires a significant amount of electricity, such as large appliances and electronics. For safety reasons, residents in flooded areas should have electronics and appliances checked by a repair person before using. Additionally, when possible, have a licensed electrician handle turning circuit breakers on and off.

9 a.m., Aug. 27, 2017

Conditions in the ERCOT region have remained steady over the past 24 hours. ERCOT continues to see widespread transmission outages, especially near Corpus Christi and Victoria.

While power to some areas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey Friday night have been restored, new outages are likely over the next several days as the tropical storm dumps heavy rains in other parts of the ERCOT region, including the Houston area.

ERCOT continues to work with transmission and generation owners to protect the overall reliability of the grid. We will continue to provide updates if system conditions change.

As a reminder, please stay away from downed power lines, as they may be energized. They should be reported immediately to your local electric service provider.

5 p.m., Aug. 26, 2017

Consumer outages due to Hurricane Harvey, which has been downgraded to a tropical storm, have decreased slightly to less than 300,000. Outage numbers may fluctuate in the coming days as transmission providers continue to work to restore power safely in affected areas. System conditions overall remain stable. Area residents are reminded to avoid contact with downed power lines, which could be energized, and report them promptly to local electric utilities. Unless conditions change overnight, ERCOT will provide the next update the morning of Aug. 27.

2 p.m., Aug. 26, 2017

ERCOT is seeing widespread transmission line outages along the coastal areas in the storm’s path, from Corpus Christi up toward the Houston area. We currently estimate more than 300,000 customers are still without power based on reports from transmission providers in the affected areas.

Transmission providers are assessing the damage and making repairs where and when it is possible to do so safely. Extended outages are likely in most affected areas.

ERCOT continues to monitor the situation and communicate with transmission and generation owners to assess the impacts of the hurricane and manage overall system reliability.

Heavy rain is expected to continue through the weekend and into next week. Tornadoes may also cause damage as the storm progresses.

Please avoid any downed power lines resulting from the storm and contact authorities if you see them.

7:20 a.m., August 26, 2017

The number of outages in the ERCOT region has increased to more than 293,000 customers. Approximately 157 circuits are out of service.

6:30 a.m., August 26, 2017

More than 213,000 consumers are currently without power on the Texas Gulf Coast due to effects from Hurricane Harvey. Approximately 140 circuits are out of service.

1 a.m., August 26, 2017

More than 211,000 consumers are currently without power on the Texas Gulf Coast due to effects from Hurricane Harvey. Landfall occurred near Rockport just after 10 p.m. Widespread transmission outages, with more than 100 circuits currently out of service.

7 p.m., August 25, 2017

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has issued an emergency notice for Hurricane Harvey, which has reached Category 4 status and is expected to make landfall late Friday evening. The storm has already begun to impact the electric system, and more than 70,000 customers are without power as a result. In addition to wind-related damage, the hurricane is expected to cause significant flooding in the South, South Central and Coastal weather zones in the ERCOT region. This includes the cities of Houston, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Austin and San Antonio. ERCOT System Operations is working 24/7 to monitor the situation and manage the electric grid to ensure overall system reliability.

ERCOT Region

The ERCOT region includes Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Abilene and the Rio Grande Valley. It does not include the El Paso area, the Texas Panhandle, Northeast Texas (Longview, Marshall and Texarkana), and Southeast Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, and the Woodlands).

Region map:

Local Utility Information

Contact your local electric service provider to report downed power lines in your area. To find out if you need to report an outage, check websites below for more information.